Welcome to PAICK New life New ideas
Attention paick:
Easy Life, New ideas
Paick, adhere to better lifestyle.
Nature: Originality, Pureness
Self:Attitude, Personality 
Free:Faith, Leasure life 
Fashionable, Article, easy Life Style
Paick – combination of fashionable, artistic, electronic and humanized design

Paick’s dream is to be a leading brand in high-end Mobile Digital Devices including Mobile Power Supplier and Bluetooth audio equipment.

At Paick, the brand concept is the “Easy Life, New Ideas” which emphasizes exerting the elements of life in our products. Each product is the seamless integration of fashionable, convenient, friendly and article elements in design which enables more people to enjoy their lives. 

We firmly believe that the excellent design make life to be more wonderful and colourful. To ensure providing more creative products, we established strategic cooperative partnership with the top ID design team LKK Design and DDid Design.